Waxing Service

Waxing Service

Waxing in Guildford

Alison Blackburn Skin and Beauty Salon is a friendly and relaxing home salon, located in Guildford, Surrey. A haven away from everyday stresses offering a wide range of skin and beauty treatments, such as waxing.

There are many different brands of wax on the market for the waxing professional to use, and I have tried quite a few over the years. I have now found and have been using what I think is the best wax on the market for superior results and client comfort,  and that is an Australian waxing brand called Lycon. Unfortunately being an elite brand of wax it’s also one of the most expensive. 

 What makes this wax superior to other waxes?

  • Lycon use high-grade resins, natural ingredients and high-quality aromatherapy oils in their wax.
  • They offer a hot wax and strip wax.
  • Our hot wax is a low-temperature formula which is essential for intimate areas.
  • The hot wax shrink wraps around the hair, dries and removed.
  • Able to remove hair as short as 1mm.
  • Relatively painless method. By using a unique barrier oil, it prevents the low temperature wax coming into contact with the skin.
  • Doesn’t leave the skin irritated therefore perfect for sensitive skin.

How much experience do I have?

I have been waxing since I first trained as a therapist when I was 18 years old (30 plus years ago and the wax was very different then but, that’s a tale for another time!).

What hygiene practice do to I follow?

Good hygine practice is essential to prevent cross infection and something I am meticulous when performing this treatment.

  •  For bikini waxing I NEVER double dip.
  •  Every dip in the wax pot I always use a new spatula.
  •  For each client, a clean towel or disposable paper provided.
  •  The couch disinfected after every client and, a new sheet of disposable paper laid.
  • I always wear disposable gloves.



How do I prevent ingrowing hairs?
Whether you are waxing or shaving they can be the bane of your life. Ingrowing hairs form when the hair is unable to break through the surface of the skin and curls back on itself, resulting in an infected, inflammed spot. They tend to appear more frequently on the bikini area or for men in the beard area. Exfoliate the area 4 -7 days after your wax treatment three times a week to remove dead skin cells that block the hair follicle. Use a granular body scrub as well as a liquid exfoliator, for example Lycon Ingrown-X-It which contains ingredients Salicylic acid, Lactic acid, Allantoin and Arnica. Spray on dry skin and massage in daily. Apply a moisturiser daily to the area.