JoJo Cooper – Business Owner of JoJo Cooper Photography

What made you decide to see Alison?

As a forty five year old, skincare hadn’t featured consistently, it seemed each time I looked in the mirror another wrinkle appeared. I primarily wanted to look my best for my forthcoming wedding.  My skin was dry, dull and tired looking. I felt I’d lost that glow. With so many products and treatments available, I felt overwhelmed and slightly panicky as I didn’t know where to start.  I needed the assurance of a professional to advise and guide me.

What action had you previously taken in regards to your skin?

Over the years I hadn’t really looked after my skin very well.  I wasn’t consistent with a skincare routine and would jump from brand to brand lured by the latest marketing claim or that special offer.

What were the main things you worked on together?

To accomplish change Alison wanted to find out about my skin’s journey.  Going back as far as childhood through teenage years to the present day to find out what may have had an effect on my skin before a treatment plan could commence.  Alison educated me on how best to look after my skin, what would be beneficial and what may have a detrimental effect.  I now look after my skin with a simple but effective routine using products that have active ingredients that make a difference to skin cells.  We looked at internal issues including stress levels, sleep patterns and diet and how they may affect the skin.


“The biggest thing for me was finding that person who knew what they were taking about! Someone I could trust and have faith in.  I followed Alison’s advice and in return got the results that I wanted!”


How do you feel about your skin now?

My skin is noticeable healthier. It’s glowing and radiant. Other people can see the change in my skin.  Compliments such as “You look so good” and “You never seem to age!” are real confidence boosters and a clear indicator that following Alison’s advice works!

What words of wisdom would you offer to others?

Your skin is a worthwhile investment.  You only get one so look after it the best you can!