About Me


I trained in the beauty industry over 30 years ago.  After taking time out to have my two children, then proceeded to set up my beauty therapy business working from a home studio in my garden in Guildford, Surrey.

During this time, having researched different skincare lines for a brand that would be able to address many of the skin concerns of my clients, I discovered Environ Skincare. By taking this fantastic brand on, my passion for skin health was ignited.  Since then, I have witnessed fantastic results on my clients and myself (a committed user and lover of Environ products for over ten years).

Always striving to broaden my knowledge, I continue to attend training courses, complete online learning as well as being an avid reader, passing that knowledge on to educate and advise my clients.

I aim to be your very own personal skincare advocate.  Supporting you on your skincare journey by offering advice, education and results-driven treatments.  Enabling you to achieve beautiful, healthy skin now and for the long term future.

Alison x


Is This You?

Has you skin lost its glow?

Do you feel your skin is showing signs of ageing?

Are you confused and overwhelmed by the choice of products available on the market?

Do you want the best version of your skin without resorting to cosmetic procedures?

I’m here to help

Whether your concern is any of the points above or more specific concerns such as to even out your skin tone, reduce pigmentation spots, prevent breakouts, have less lines or wrinkles or reduce the appearance of scarring.

I understand and I can help.

By following the 3 Step Glowing Skin Plan your skin confidence and skin health will be restored.

skincare journey

How It Works

Step 1

A detailed consultation is carried out to find out all about your unique skin history so far to date, your concerns and your skin goals.

Step 2

Using scientifically proven ingredients that have a positive effect at a cellular level to make a real difference and change to your skin.

Step 3

Maintaining that glow by nourishing and protecting your skin with both homecare and results driven in-studio treatments .