As I’m sure, you realise, to build a healthy, glowing skin we need to feed it what it requires water, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats.

We can do this topically by applying skincare armed with active ingredients which will feed the top layers (epidermis) but, unless we use a device, instrument or machine, we are unable to reach and feed the lower layer called the dermis.

The dermis is where the fibroblasts produce the proteins collagen and elastin. Collagen is responsible for support and strength (think of it as the scaffolding of your skin), and elastin works alongside collagen enabling the skin to spring back into shape.

Also in the dermis is a plentiful supply of capillaries. These blood vessels transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Therefore feeding the skin from within with skin-specific supplements, results increase, and improvements will be seen much quicker than if you were to only apply topical skincare.


I eat a balanced diet do I still need to take supplements?

Unfortunately, essential nutrients are lost through horticultural farming methods, long-distance transportation, lengthy storage times, cooking methods meaning we don’t always receive the necessary nutrients required for healthy skin from our food alone.


Why choose Advanced Nutrition Programme?

Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements contain high-quality ingredients in science-based formulas.

Free from preservatives, artificial colourings and additives in safe and effective dosages.

The fish oils used are ethically sourced and exceptionally pure.